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Before Lygon, issuing a paper bank guarantee took up to a month.

Today, Lygon achieves same-day issuance. The Lygon platform is an industry solution that streamlines the bank guarantee process for everyone. With rapid communication and 24/7 visibility, we have transformed financial agreements forever.

Some of our customers

The problem with paper...


Printing out a physical document and passing it between parties creates significant costs and delays.

Fraud and Operational Risk

Data input errors are common and committing fraud is as easy as printing out a guarantee's details underneath a bank's letterhead.

Tracking and Reporting

Only a single party can know the guarantee status at any one time creating ambiguity and uncertainty throughout its lifecycle.

Lack of Standardisation

There is no standard for bank guarantees making them difficult to review and negotiate for everyone involved.

Why go digital?


Guarantees are live digital instruments that can be amended and reconciled at the click of a button. This generates speed.


The status of guarantees are visible to every involved party at all times. This generates certainty.


Guarantee types exist in a singular format that obeys the same legal framework. This generates clarity.


Guarantees exist in private channels on a distributed ledger so all involved parties share control of incorruptible data. This generates security.